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Chef, restaurant owner and caterer with an interest in vegetarian cooking and a personal interest in sweets. She was the Caterer at the Hobart Clinic during its accreditation and a restaurant manager at Hyatt Regency in Adelaide as well as a freelance caterer.


Draughtsman, professional potter and restaurant owner. Greg was a survey draughtsman/ supervisor before becoming a self-employed potter. He was a founder and later President of the Potters Guild of S.A. and Chair of the S.A. Arts Advisory Committee.


Sue and Greg owned a restaurant together in Stirling S.A. particularly noted for its range of gourmet cakes and confectionery including fudges.

Sue and Greg moved to Tasmania in 1995 and built a licensed kitchen on their property at Middleton south of Hobart. The kitchen was designed with the help and advice of the Kingborough Health Department. It has a SAFE style HACCP hygiene plan in place.

They established a very successful fudge manufacturing business which won many awards over the years. They sold the fudge business in 2005 to concentrate on their fruit pastes under the PERFECT PASTES banner. Their quince paste had just won some major awards and sales were increasing at a fast rate.

PERFECT PASTES is a 2-person operation with assistance from Sue’s son Simon with packaging from time to time.

Sue and Greg have a commitment to quality believing in concentrating on a small volume high quality product rather than the mass production route of so many others. This allows them to be involved in all aspects of the business and to maintain their reputation for quality.


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