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‘Fruit Pastes – a real treat”

Quinces are a heritage variety of fruit, sometimes called the “Goddess of love fruit” They are big, yellow and very fragrant with a hard fibrous flesh. They cannot be eaten raw so poaching or baking is the usual method of treatment. Quinces are sour and quite an amount of sugar is necessary to make them palatable.

Quince Paste is traditionally served partnered with cheese – a ripe blue or sharp cheddar, however it complements most cheeses.

We collect our quinces from a variety of places in southern Tasmania including from trees planted in the 1800s by original settlers. Mostly we pick the fruit ourselves but also source some fruit from a small commercial orchard in the Huon Valley.

All the fruit is processed by hand in our commercial kitchen. This takes a long time with much stirring until just the right colour and consistency is reached to produce our unique paste. The paste is cooked weekly to ensure a clean fresh flavour. Cutting, packing and labelling is also done by hand.

Our paste cuts cleanly and has a strong texture and rich ruby red colour reflecting its high quince content. We just add fresh lemon juice to accentuate the flavour.


Perfect Pastes Apple Paste is entirely made from local Tasmanian apples. Again it is a hand made product. Each batch ordered is made from fresh fruit on the day ensuring an extremely fresh product with a long life.

Apple Paste is slightly sweeter than Quince Paste. It is especially good matched with soft or mild cheeses.


Fruit Pastes like all natural sugar products can develop some crystallisation especially if it is subjected to refrigeration or extreme heat. It should be stored closely wrapped at room temperature. If treated well it has an almost indefinite shelf life.


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